Reborn Toyota Supra and BMW Z5 will be built in Austria!

08/29/2016 14:26:34
Reborn Toyota Supra and BMW Z5 will be built in Austria!
BMW and Toyota have, apparently, picked Magna Steyr to build their jointly developed new sports cars.

It has been officially announced that BMW aims to wrap up production of the current Z4. The latest news proves that the two-seat roadster will disappear from the line-up at the end of August. On August 22, a Valencia Orange Metallic Z4 sDrive35 is left the Regensburg plant as the final example of BMW’s once-popular roadster. A local newspaper in Austria is reporting that Magna-Steyr will build the replacement for the BMW Z4 and Toyota’s born-again Supra.



About 60,000 of the two jointly developed cars will start production in 2018. The Z4 replacement, which could be renamed the Z5, and Toyota’s Supra successor will be built at the Austrian factory in Graz. The Toyota version will see the rebirth of the Supra badge, while the BMW, code-named G29 will revert to its original, lighter, soft-top body style. A coupe version of the BMW is in the works, along with a range that includes both four- and six-cylinder power, plus a race-bred hybrid for extra performance.



The two companies began their joint-venture associations in 2011, and their projects include hydrogen fuel cells, plug-in hybrid and battery-electric technology and a front-drive, cheap small car architecture. Today, the Z4 is the slowest selling BMW model, delivering 0.3 percent of its 2015 volume, but the tie-up with Toyota has slashed the development costs of its replacement while upping the tempo on technology. So for fans of BMW's rear drive sports cars, don't mourn the Z4. Its time for a better, more competitive Z5 that is already on the horizon.


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