Toyota's New Hypercar Will Cost A Million Dollars

08/15/2018 01:56:46
Toyota's New Hypercar Will Cost A Million Dollars
Toyota is building a road-going hypercar. New 'super sports car' will feature Toyota's hybrid Le Mans tech and much power.

Toyota has a new hypercar in the works, previewed by the rather extreme-looking GR Super Sport concept. But while we don’t know too much about it at this early stage, we do know that it’s going to be expensive. As in, seven-figures expensive.



Toyota’s Australian spokesman confirmed the race-car-for-the-road will carry a price tag upwards of a million dollars. And even if a million of Australian dollars may not be worth as much as a million of American dollars, it gives us an idea of what sort of pricing the Japanese automaker will be looking at. At this point, there are more questions than answers. We don’t even know when cars will be available, what markets they will go to and where they will be road registerable and where they won’t.



Toyota intends to put it into production in order to homologate the racing version under the FIA and ACO’s forthcoming new production hypercar-based regulations that could see Mercedes-AMG’s Project One and (the successor to) the Aston Martin Valkyrie, among others, compete at the top level in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the broader World Endurance Championship, replacing the LMP1 hybrid class in which Toyota is currently the only participant.


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